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Make Your Next Script Visionary

Celtx Multi-Column AV

Welcome to an industry first.

Celtx’s Multi-Column AV Editor accelerates your creative process by combining your story and visuals in a single dynamic document.

It’s perfect for marketing videos, advertisements, and other short-form content, and is backed up by powerful pre-production tools that will get you to camera faster.

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Purpose-Built for Your Brand of Content

Your tools should fit you - not the other way around. The Multi-Column AV Editor is designed to complement your workflow by blending scriptwriting, storyboarding, and shot planning together in an adaptable and stylish new format.

Fully collaborative and highly presentable, your Multi-Column AV project boasts a complete suite of production planning and management tools - ready to help you take your ideas all the way from the pitch to the shoot.

Thoughtful Features for Thoughtful Teams

Visually Evocative Scriptwriting

Visually Evocative Scriptwriting

The Multi-Column AV editor combines a traditional two-column script with an integrated storyboarding module. With a new shot-based formatting structure, your writing and your imagery work together to tell your story.

Built-in shot lists

Built-In Shot Lists

Need to go further? Expand your script with a comprehensive new shot list system that allows you to easily create highly detailed technical descriptions that complement your storyboard images.

Pitch Ready

Pitch Ready

Your Multi-Column AV scripts are sharp, eye-catching, and ready to be shown off. With one click you can turn your scripts into digital presentation boards that are ideal for communicating your concepts to both the client and your production team.

Powerful Production Tools

Powerful Production Tools

It doesn’t stop at the script. Your Multi-Column AV project includes all of Celtx’s industry-leading tools, including script breakdowns, production cataloging, budgeting, scheduling, auto-generated call sheets, and more.

Ready to get started?

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